Cleft ash gate hurdles stacked for delivery

Cleft ash gate hurdles stacked for delivery

Blackbark is a workers’ co-operative committed to the health of woodlands in Calderdale. We think that engaging with woodlands in a way which benefits the land and allows people to make a living is a very sensible and exciting way forward. A lot of our projects revolve around coppicing. Please read more about us at the about page.

Do you burn firewood? Do you care about your local woodlands? Try The Firebox Scheme. It is a pre-paid and regular seasoned firewood delivery scheme and is an example of Community Supported Forestry.

This site gives information about our services and products and news of what we’re up to, but hopefully it will grow into something more than a good-looking advert. Check back regularly to see the ongoing transformation of some of our projects, sources of more information about woodlands, and (though this may take a while) a page where we will describe how we understand woodlands and how we engage with them.

Get in touch if you would like an experienced Forest School Leader or Environmental Educator to lead groups in Calderdale.

Try as you might, you will struggle to find the word “sustainable” here. That is because we strive for the next step: regenerative interaction with woodlands.