Are you the lucky owner of a piece of woodland? Are you interested in planting trees? Are you unsure about the best course of action? Are you interested in benefiting both you and the woods? If so, we can help!

We have many years’ experience of both establishing and working in woodlands: experience which we are eager to use in order to support people and benefit the woods of our region.

We are always happy to talk on the phone about trees (really, we are massive geeks) – give us a call and have a chat.

All of our consultation services include a detailed site visit and, most importantly, involve listening to you: about what you want from the site and about your goals.

We offer three different packages, increasing in level of detail:

Short Walk

This involves a site visit of around an hour and verbal advice about the potential of the site in relation to your objectives and desires. We will give you information about the work that will be required to achieve that potential, including tips about design and strategy, applying for grants, and point you to sources of further information.

Long Walk

This option is suitable for larger sites and includes more detail and practical guidance than the Short Walk. A site visit may last three hours, which means you get more of our experience, opinions and thoughts. It also includes a written report.

Management Plan

This is what we are best at: the creation of a detailed, elegant document crammed full of information. It involves a fair amount of work but is well worth it. A detailed site visit and survey is accompanied by extensive discussion and research, including chance to feed back and refine the plan further. Incorporating the needs of landowner, woodland and wider landscape, we will recommend and fully describe the work that will be necessary over the many years it takes for woodlands to change and grow. You will receive a sizeable and easy-to-read document including maps, surveys, descriptions, advice and plans. We will also talk to you about the Forestry Commission grants available to help with this work.